About Us

For the Wellness of Mankind

The post-pandemic era has transformed the life style of human beings. Due to potential unruly disease emergence in future, appropriate preventive measures and solutions are crucial to uphold our wellness. As the sole distributor for the forefront patented anti virus technology in USA, we offer a sustainable solution for the eudemonia of human beings. Contrary to the ordinary UV anti virus mechanism, this cutting edge microbicide action is activated through the combination of non-UV frequencies that is scientifically proven to be harmful to bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Complying to ROHS 2 standards and as a class A+, Biovitae devices are not harmful to humans and animals. Biovitae also saves energy and maintains a healthy environment for various applications such as schools, hospitals, restaurants and more.

Vanguard-Tech Distributor

Ranging from LED lighting optics, smart sensors, air purifying lamps and CCT dimmable drivers to wireless lighting controlled system such as Bluetooth enabled LED luminaires and accessories, we are the sole distributor in the USA for Maxtek Optoelectronics Ltd who holds over 40 patented preeminent technologies. By amalgamating the forefront IoT technology into the LED lighting ecosystem, we distribute a transcendent technology platform and the best possible solution in LED lighting to our partners.


Mission & Goals

  • To be the esteemed leading-edge IoT system technology distributor.
  • To customize and distribute an intact sanitizing system for the wellbeing of humankind.