R&D Centre

Patented LED Lighting Technologies

Discovering the patented LED lighting technologies that create the uniqueness of our LED lighting products.

Cutting Edge IoT Technology

Exploring our latest Smart Intelligent Module (SIM) that open the new era for the LED lighting industry.

Innovative & Creative Lighting Solutions

Uncovering our latest innovations in LED lighting that bring differentiation to your products.

Magnus Technology Sdn Bhd is a R&D center set up in Penang to provide the cutting edge technology solution to the famous brand in lighting industry. Magnus Technology Sdn Bhd with the world-class and dedicated R&D team has designed and developed the premier-quality LED lighting solutions and smart lighting control for reputable brands. With the R&D laboratory located in Penang, Malaysia, Magnus Technology Sdn. Bhd is a platform for the customers to enjoy a complete smart lighting solution. Our services span LED retrofit lamps, smart customised Bluetooth module, integrated fixtures and luminaires, down lights and customized driver solution.

From concept, design, testing and eventually to production, Magnus Technology Sdn. Bhd. is a hassle-free one stop LED lighting solutions provider.